Minutes & Papers

Minutes of AGMs and general meetings

GLAM members meeting October 2016

GM Minutes April 2016

Committee Minutes 1 Oct 2015

Committee Minutes 22 May 2015

GM Minutes 22 May 2015

Minutes 18th September 2014

Minutes 21 March 2014
AGM Minutes 20 September 2013
Minutes 12 September 2012
AGM Minutes 23 March 2012
Minutes 3 October 2011 (AGM was held over until March 2012)
Minutes 4 March 2011
AGM Minutes 24 September 2010
Minutes 25 March 2010
AGM Minutes 30 September 2009
Minutes 1 April 2009
AGM Minutes 9 September 2008
Minutes 10 March 2008
Minutes 10 September 2007
AGM Minutes 16 March 2007
Minutes 1 September 2006
Minutes 10 March 2006
Minutes 31 October 2005
Discussion Document September 2005
Minutes 30 June 2005

Minutes of GLAM committee meetings

Committee Minutes 23 March 2012
No Committee Meeting October 2011
Committee Minutes 4 March 2011
Committee Minutes 24 September 2010
Committee Minutes 30 June 2010
Committee Minutes 25 March 2010
Committee Minutes 30 September 2009
Committee Minutes 1 April 2009
Committee Minutes 2 December 2008
Committee Minutes 10 March 2008
Committee Minutes 10 September 2007
Committee Minutes 16 March 2007

Minutes of the Cataloguing Working Party sub-committee

Cataloguing Working Party Minutes 26 January 2012
Cataloguing Working Party Minutes 21 July 2011
Cataloguing Working Party Minutes 15 February 2011
Cataloguing Working Party Minutes 11 November 2010
Cataloguing Working Party Minutes 9 March 2010
Cataloguing Working Party Minutes 15 October 2009
Cataloguing Working Party Minutes 9 March 2009

Some of the presentations and papers given at GLAM meetings are also available to download here.

Sarah Elsegood. University of East Anglia, March 2012: ‘Building Up UEA’s Literary Archives to Support Research and Teaching’ [PDF]

Dorothy Johnston. University of Nottingham, 26 March 2010: ‘Odour of Chrysanthemums Online Access to a Short Story by D H Lawrence’ [PPT]

Sarah Lawrance. Collection Director of Seven Stories Centre for Children’s Books, 10 March 2008: ‘Introduction to the History of Seven Stories and the Collection’. [PDF]

Hannah Green and Elinor Robinson. Archivists, Seven Stories Centre for Children’s Books, 10 March 2008: ‘Provision of Access to the Collections’, including school groups/participation, visitor centre and website. [DOC]

Tim Padfield. Information Policy Consultant at The National Archives, 10 September 2007: handout on ‘Copyright in Works of Literature’. [PDF]

Copyright & the Data Protection Act. Paper outlining GLAM members’ Questions and Case Studies Relating to Copyright and the Data Protection Act, submitted to Tim Padfield and Susan Healy for September’s meeting, 10 September 2007. [PDF]

Susan Thomas. Digital Archivist at the Bodleian Library and manager of the Paradigm and Cairo Projects, 16 March 2007: ‘Experiences with Personal Digital Archives’. [PDF]


King’s College Archives Centre, WCG/2/6. Pen and watercolour rebus story from Mary Tovey to her niece Jeannette. From the collection of William Charles Green (c. 1833-1914).

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