Membership is free and open to all with an interest in Literary collections. Members are encouraged to participate in GLAM activities but there is no compulsory commitment.

Membership is largely made up of professionals who care for literary collections in University and National Libraries. GLAM hopes to develop a broad and inclusive membership, welcoming the interest and participation of: custodians of literary collections in any context, including local record offices, public libraries, single-author centres, museums, literary publishing houses and agencies; researchers and teachers at all levels with an interest in literary archives and manuscripts; and writers (who are after all the creators of our literary collections!).

Our members benefit from:

  • Access to the GLAM listserv providing the latest news and advice relating to Literary collections;
  • Networking and discussion with other members at GLAM general meetings, visiting different venues in the UK (meetings are held twice a year);
  • Case studies of activity with Literary Archives, delivered at general meetings by members and invited guests;
  • Participation in surveys and best practice guidance produced by GLAM;
  • Opportunities to share your news of relevant events and activities with other members, post blogs on the GLAM website and articles in the GLAM edition of ARC Magazine (Archives and Records Association);

To become a member of GLAM, simply request to join the GLAM listserv.

Individual member details are maintained by GLAM in accordance with the GLAM constitution. All communication is directed through the GLAM listserv. GLAM publicises details of member institutions, with links to their websites, literary projects and other relevant pages.

GLAM is steered by a committee comprised of:

Chair: Rachel Foss – Head of Contemporary Archives and Manuscripts, British Library

Secretary: Role currently vacant

Treasurer: Charlotte Scott – Head of Collections, London Metropolitan Archives

Web Officer: Sarah Prescott – Literary Archivist, Special Collections, University of Leeds

Committee Member: John Wells – Under-Librarian, Department of Manuscripts and University Archives, Cambridge University Library

Committee Member: David Sutton – Research Fellow, University of Reading. Responsible for Diasporic Literary Archives Project and the WATCH Project

Committee Member: Richard Wragg – Collections Manager (Library), University of Sussex

TNA Adviser to the GLAM Committee: James Travers Senior Archives Adviser (Casework), National Advisory Services, The National Archives


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