The new Location Register will include a range of literary authors who were born in the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s, together with other authors who emerged (or came to our attention) after the first Location Register began work in 1982. Early in 2010 the Arts Council provided funding for the creation of a file which is rather grandly entitled ‘The Names of Modern British and Irish Literature’. This file will provide a name authority list for the new Location Register, and also a fairly comprehensive set of names for anyone interested in the study of modern British and Irish literature. For each author there is a brief note giving information about their manuscripts and other relevant matters. A first version of ‘The Names’ has now been posted on the Location Register home page. Go to, and you will find the link towards the bottom of the page. I would welcome comments and suggestions, before we try to finalise the file in January.

David Sutton
Director of Research Projects
University of Reading Library