GLAM Survey of Collecting Policy & Practice:
Girton College Library and Archive, University of Cambridge

The collections contain unique material in the history of women’s higher education and offer a view of the College’s continuing vision of equal opportunities as it moved from a single-sex to a mixed institution. The Archive houses all the College records dating back to its foundation in 1869, as well as significant collections of the personal papers of eminent Girtonians and those connected with the College and with the early campaign for female education. Collections containing significant literary material extend to approximately 150 linear metres (out of total archive holdings of 454 linear metres).

Recent Acquisitions

Description of acquisition (including extent) Type of acquisition Source of acquisition
1. Manuscripts of 2 novels by Romer Wilson (Florence Romer Muir Wilson, later O’Brien, Girton 1911). Both circa 1919, one unpublished.2 items Gift Offer from owner
2. Letters of Queenie Leavis (Roth, Girton 1925). The letters were gathered by Ian MacKillop for his biography of F R Leavis (1995).3 files (1 closed) Gift Approach to owner
3. Personal diaries of Rosemary Chorley (Girton 1955). The diaries cover her whole life to-date.54 boxes Gift Offer from owner
4. Papers of  P D James, crime writer and Honorary Fellow of Girton College. The papers include manuscripts of a number of the novels, research notebooks, and some correspondence.8 boxes Gift Approach to owner
5. Volume of manuscript poetry of Kathleen Raine. circa 1978-861 volume Bequest Approach to owner

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