GLAM Survey of Collecting Policy & Practice:
Christ’s College Library, University of Cambridge

The Old Library, which is an extension by G.F. Bodley of the original sixteenth-century College Library, contains material given by benefactors throughout the College’s history. Amongst the Western literary manuscript collections are the papers of the poet Charles Stuart Calverley (1831-1884), and the research papers of Dr D.H.W. Dickson on the scientist and novelist C. P. Snow.

Recent Acquisitions

Description of acquisition (including extent) Type of acquisition Source of acquisition
The Dickson C.P. Snow collection contains the research papers of Dr D.H.W. Dickson, and came to the college in 2005 following a decline in health of Dr Dickson.  The collection includes taped interviews (80-100).   Dr Dickson had Snow’s approval and occasional assistance. Gift

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