GLAM Survey of Collecting Policy & Practice:
Queen’s University Library, Belfast

Recent Acquisitions

Description of acquisition (including extent) Type of acquisition Source of acquisition
1. 2004: Seamus Heaney Beowulf papers Gift Offer from owner
2.  2006 Bruce Hart travel diary (Peking – Paris – overland 1896) Purchase Dealer (Funded by own resouces)
3. .2006 C.S. Lewis letter (explaining Narnia chronicles, 1961) Gift Offer from owner
4. 2006 Gilbert papers (early 20th century literary papers) Purchase Offer from owner (Funded by grant & benefactors)
5. 2006 Correpondence (Forrest Reid to Osbert Burdett) Purchase Dealer (Funded by own resouces)

For further information or enquiries please contact Queen’s University Library direct.

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