GLAM Survey of Collecting Policy & Practice:
University of Nottingham, Department of Manuscripts and Special Collections

Literary manuscripts are held for many reasons, including local association, link with a family archive, or local academic interest. Approximately fifty collection level records describe literary papers, ranging widely in size and significance. The author most actively collected is D.H. Lawrence. The important core collection (c.60 boxes) includes representation of most of the categories of his creative work. The collection has been awarded Designation status by the Museums Libraries and Archives Council (MLA) in acknowlegement of its national pre-eminence. The other principal area of strength is the seventeenth-century literary and satirical verse within the Portland of Welbeck family archive. In other areas (e.g. writers of the 1930s and late twentieth-century Nottingham poets) the collections have occasional strengths, mainly in a local and regional context.

Recent Acquisitions

Description of acquisition (including extent) Type of acquisition Source of acquisition
1. Notebook of research and poetry of Coventry Patmore. Purchase AuctionFunded by grant
2. Correspondence and associated material between Friend Lawrence and her literary agent. Loan/deposit DealerAuction

Funded by grant


3. Letters of D H Lawrence to members of his family and associated family archives, including paintings by Lawrence.(c. 5 boxes)

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