GLAM Survey of Collecting Policy & Practice:
Tennyson Research Centre, Lincoln

The collection in the Tennyson Research Centre, funded by Lincolnshire County Council’s Library Service, is probably the most significant on Tennyson in the world. It holds over 3,000 books from Tennyson’s own library and some 700 of his father, with associated papers, libraries, correspondence, diaries and paraphernalia belonging to his wife, Emily, son, Hallam, brother, Charles Turner, and great-niece, Fryn Tennyson Jesse. There are family papers, diaries and notebooks; 9,000 letters including those from eminent Victorians; the most complete manuscript of In Memoriam, amongst other manuscripts; early drafts of The Charge of the Light Brigade; and about 200 proofs of Tennyson’s poetry, a number being significantly corrected in the poet’s own hand; the collection also aims to have a comprehensive set of editions of Tennyson’s poetry. There are also illustrations and portraits, including a number by Julia Margaret Cameron.

Recent Acquisitions

Description of acquisition (including extent) Type of acquisition Source of acquisition
1. Several lots from the Van der Poel sale at Christies, London, March 2004.  They were all books formerly in Tennyson’s library, with a couple of short pieces of manuscript Purchase Auction/Grant
2. Letter from Hallam Tennyson to Edward Fitzgerald, full of interesting gossip Gift Offer from owner
3. Book given to Mary Gladstone from Hallam Tennyson at end of their relationship, with letter stuck on endpaper Purchase Approach to owner.  Funded by own resouces
4. A series of letters from Tennyson to family friends, indicating length and warmth of friendship. Purchase Dealer.  Funded by own resouces
5. Family letters relating to land business in Isle of Wight Purchase Offer from owner. Funded by own resouces

For further information or enquiries please contact the Tennyson Research Centre direct.

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