GLAM Survey of Collecting Policy & Practice:
Hull University Archives, Hull History Centre

The most significant and extensive material relates to Philip Larkin, including poetry workbooks, manuscripts, correspondence (including letters between Larkin and his parents and letters from Larkin acquired from recipients), other personal papers, photographs by and of Larkin, LPs, books and audio recordings. The University Archives also holds material of significance (by quantity and/or quality) from A.E. Markham, Alan Plater, Howard Sergeant and Stevie Smith. Smaller collections are held relating to numerous writers, including Douglas Dunn, Gavin Ewart, T.E. Hulme, Roger McGough, Andrew Motion and Anthony Thwaite; and relating to publishers and literary magazines, including Listen, New Review, Outposts, Phoenix, Wave and the Marvell Press. The total extent of the literary material is c.120 linear metres.

Recent Acquisitions

Description of acquisition (including extent) Type of acquisition Source of acquisition
Correspondence between Philip Larkin and Andrew Motion, 1978 – 1984 Purchase Funded by Friends of the Brynmor Jones Library
Philip Larkin’s books, gramophone records and photographs Letters and drawings by Stevie Smith Agreement with another repository concerning larger extent of material
Papers of Archie Markham (in 2 separate batches) Purchase Offer from owner.
Funded by Own resources, Grant & Friends of the Brynmor Jones Library
Papers of Jean Hartley, relating to the Marvell Press and other literary subjects.  Including letters from Philip Larkin Purchase Offer from owner.
Funded by Own resources, Grant & Friends of the Brynmor Jones Library
Letters and drawings by Stevie Smith Purchase Dealer.
Funded by Own resources & Grant

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