GLAM Survey of Collecting Policy & Practice:
Cambridge University Library, Department of Manuscripts

The collections of Cambridge University Library include literary archives and manuscripts of institutional, regional, national and international significance. These include substantial collections of personal papers of modern authors (e.g. Siegfried Sassoon, Stefan Heym, Anne Stevenson, George Szirtes); corporate archives (e.g. the Royal Society of Literature); printers’ and typographers’ papers with literary connections (e.g. Francis Meynell, Rampant Lions Press); documents pertaining to the literary history of the University (e.g. winning entries for the Browne Medals); and individual manuscript items and smaller collections of primary significance (e.g. the Leconfield manuscript of the poems of John Donne, and poetical notebooks of George Crabbe).

Recent Acquisitions

Description of acquisition (including extent) Type of acquisition Source of acquisition
1. Paul Claudel (1868-1955), poet and playwright: letters to Audrey Colville (formerly Parr), with related poems, articles, etc., 1917-1940 and undated. 1 file. MS Add. 9591, accessioned January 2001. Gift Offer from owner
2. Correspondence and papers of Michael Holroyd (b. 1935), biographer, relating to the novelist William Gerhardie (1895-1977), including manuscript material by Gerhardie. 4 boxes. MS Add. 9598, accessioned June 2001. Purchase Dealer(Funded by own resouces)
3. Letters to George Szirtes (b. 1948), poet and translator. 8 boxes. MS Add. 9703, accessioned September 2004. Gift Approach to owner
4. Correspondence and papers of George Gömöri (b. 1934), poet and translator. 1 box. MS Add. 9716, accessioned September 2005. Gift Offer from owner
5. The archive of the Rampant Lions Press of Cambridge and Over. c. 20 m. MS Rampant Lions, accessioned October 2005. Purchase Dealer(Funded by own resouces)

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