GLAM Survey of Collecting Policy & Practice:
University of Bristol Library and Theatre Archive

The main literary collection is the Penguin Archive, which comprises 2,329 archive boxes covering the period 1935-1990s as well as book stock. The Library also holds the Harriet Hamilton Archive – 400 boxes up to the 1970s. There is also a small amount of editorial material relating to other publishers in the Pearson Group, such as Allen Lane Penguin Press, Longman, and Fredrick Warne. There are additional small collections of literary materials.

University of Bristol Theatre Archive

The Theatre Collection holds the UK’s second largest theatre history archive, and within this there are archives and papers of literary significance. These include personal collections of playwrights, theatre historians, directors and actor/managers. There is also a variety of literary papers within the larger theatre company archives. The literary material includes scripts, letters, reviews, notebooks, dramatic criticism and manuscripts of books etc.

Recent Acquisitions

Description of acquisition (including extent) Type of acquisition Source of acquisition
1.Arnold Ridley archive (2003/122; 2004/75
The archives comprises playscripts, correspondence, cuttings , programmes and other papers of this actor/writer
Gift Offer from owner
2 Herbert Farjeon Archive (2003/34; 204/71, 2005/48)
Comprises dramatic criticism, reviews correspondence, personal papers of Herbert  Farjeon and the Farjeon and Jefferson families
Gift / Bequest Offer from owner
3.Professor Glynne Wickham archive (2005/21, 22, 50)
Comprises literary estate including book manuscripts and proofs, academic papers and other research notes and papers
Bequest Approach to owner
4. George Rowell archive (2005/26)
Comprises research notes and papers, book manuscripts and proofs
Gift Approach to owner
5.Additions to Women’s Theatre Collection (200102/0031; 200203/7,8,28,32 ;2004/46,59; 2005/8, 33, 76, 92,Mostly comprises unpublished playscripts donated by women playwrights Gift Offer from owner

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