With the assistance of the ACE/V & A Purchase Grant Fund and the Friends of the National Libraries, The University of Nottingham recently purchased a Typescript of D H Lawrence’s Collection of Poems ‘Pansies’, with an accompanying letter to Charles Lahr, both dated 1929.

This typescript quite significantly shows that Lawrence typed the Poetry collection a fourth time in order to elude the censors. These items have not apparently been seen by any of the various scholars working on Lawrence’s life and works since his death in 1930 and so this is a very exciting purchase!

Further work needs to be undertaken to ascertain its full significance.

Nottingham have now catalogued the Pansies typescript and the description is available on their online catalogue. To find a description of this, and more information about the acquisition, please visit the Nottingham blog here.

Please also check out the press release issued to celebrate the event!